Recent and Forthcoming Fiction

My fantasy short story, 'Ashwright', has been published as presentation 680 at PodCastle, a 2021 Hugo finalist for Best Semiprozine, and winner of the 2020 British Fantasy Award for Best Audio presentation. You'll both be able to both read and listen along to the narration of the story by the wonderful Wilson Fowlie. If you'd like to read 'Ashwright' in its original publication, you can pick up an electronic copy of On Spec Magazine #107 at Weightless Books.

My sci-fi short story, 'The Winds of the Mind', is also forthcoming at Abyss & Apex. That's currently expected in the last quarter of 2023, so there'll be a wait--but in the meantime, please hop along and check out some of their other offerings.
Full Website Coming Soon!

There's not much here yet, but this website is still brand new, and I'm still hard at work on the underlying bits of it (and the CSS and responsiveness--so if you're viewing this on mobile, I'm very sorry). I'm going to be adding some things to this, but it's going to take a while, so watch this space--it should be done before the end of 2021.
About Me

While I'm not writing fantasy, horror, or sci-fi stories, I make my living as a software engineer. I love cats, and we recently adopted a young kitten--Teddy Logan, the younger sibling of our kitty girl, Mochi Luna. I'm sure they'll be putting in an appearance here soon.

I can't play the ukulele, but I try. I can play the recorder, but people tell me not to. And I can play the flute, which has been known to make the cats happy at times. I may also be over-fond of cheese.

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